50 Weirdest People In The World...cont'd.

25. Most stretched lips in the world.

26. Woman born with huge legs.

27. Born with an ear on his hand.

29. Three-breasted woman (Done By plastic surgery).

30. Chinese grandma born with a horn.

31. Male born with two heads (Supposedly dead).

32. Longest neck in the World.

34. Biggest arm biceps in the world.

34. Biggest head in the world; Sain Mumtaz from Lahore, in Pakistan, was born with Proteus syndrome which has left him seriously disfigured. He is desperate to discover a cure so he is finally able to find love.

35.   4-years old boy who ages everyday.

36. Treeman syndrome 

37. Barbie doll girl; who undergoed lots and lots of surgeries to look like a Barbie Doll.

39. Largest ear

40. Woman with the longest nails.

41. Longest legs ever!

42. Strechiest skin.

43Man born with upside down head.

44. Born with a Half Head.

45. The Longest nose; on a living person measures 8.8 cm (3.46 in) long from the bridge to the tip.

46. World's shortest man.

48. World's biggest baby.
Born weighing 13.5 without C-Section.

49. Largest hands.

50. Longest eyebrow hair.


With the above pictures. We should be grateful to God who has created us fearfully and wonderfully made; even with the slightest defect we have, it can't be compared to these.

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